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Product Liability

Product-LiabilityInjured Due To A Faulty Or Defective Product?

We buy and use consumer-based products of all types just about every day. Consequently, we have the right to expect that the products will be safe. This includes having the products work in a way that won’t cause us any harm. Unfortunately, the opposite happens all too often,  causing everything from minor injuries and serious wounds to premature death.

What Is A Defective Product?

Injury claims usually arise when a product is defected or does not work as it is advertised. Parties subject to liability typically include the manufacturer and/or the importer. However, is it really the manufacturer that should be held responsible or could the fault lie elsewhere? It all boils down to knowing what type of information is needed to successfully claim compensation in product liability cases.

How We Can Help You

We can help you determine what your rights are and whether you are entitled to a settlement for your injuries. Remember, product liability laws are in place to protect you, the consumer, from any type of harm, danger or injury that results from a faulty product. With over 37 years of experience, we are dedicated to helping clients fight for their rights in cases involving a faulty products.

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