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Personal Injury

Discover How You Can Finally Get the Justice You Deserve for Your Injuries…
with a 35 -Year Veteran Personal Injury Lawyer by Your Side!

Don’t put off the personal injury settlement you’re entitled to now.
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You deserve justice for the personal injury you’ve been through.

You’ll pay NO upfront fees, and I only get paid at the time we win your case. There’s absolutely no charges, including meeting with you – whether it be at your home, hospital, or place of employment. If it’s easier, simply call me and we can discuss your case over the phone. My staff and I are dedicated to helping you recover the monetary damages you may be entitled to.

The central focus of our trial practice involves the following areas:

  • Car and auto accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • On the job accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Boating accidents

We also have trial associates we co-counsel with on the following areas:

  • Nursing home abuse
  • Elder abuse
  • Medical malpractice
  • Insurance claim denials

You’ve probably stared at the ceiling at least one night and thought to yourself, “I really deserve something for all I’ve been through – especially since these injuries aren’t even my fault!”

But you probably thought there really wasn’t anything you could do, right?

I hear it every day. There are thousands of people out there – good, hard-working people just like you – who feel like they don’t have the power to seek justice. They don’t know where to begin, and they don’t feel like they have anyone on their side to help them.

That’s a shame, because in many cases, you can get the settlement you deserve for your personal injury!

That’s what the court system is for. But most people are so intimidated by it, that they’d rather suffer in silence than try to bring their injurers to justice!

And it may cost them the compensation they’re entitled to – sometimes hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars!

If you choose to do nothing, you could be giving up a substantial settlement, too.

But you don’t have to.


I’m on your side, and I want to help you get your compensation.

I’m Don McKeever. I’ve been working as a personal injury lawyer here in Central Florida for more 35 years… and I like to tell people that in that time, I’ve NEVER represented a single insurance company or a “big business.”

That’s because my passion is helping the “little guy” – the hard-working people like you who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and ended up injured because of it.

I could tell you about all of my accomplishments, and awards, and accolades. But what I’d rather tell you about – is what you care about the most – how I can help you get the money you’re entitled to:

  • My practice is devoted to personal injury and accident cases in Winter Park, Orange County, and greater Orlando. There are many “general” attorneys out there who take on just about any type of case. They’ll be happy to research personal injury law and give you the best representation they can… but do you want to trust your case to someone who has never won a personal injury case?
  • I take a personal interest in each and every case I take on. Unlike other attorneys, I won’t pass you off to a paralegal or caseworker – you’ll have direct access to me throughout the process. I’m a down-to-earth guy, and I treat every client like a friend.
  • I’ve won some pretty impressive verdicts and settlements during my 3-decade career. In one of my recent cases, I convinced the jury to award my client, a 22-year-old girl who was brutally attacked at a hotel, more than $52 MILLION for her injuries! I obtained another jury verdict of nearly 8 MILLION for a middle-aged client seriously injured in an auto accident.

Want to see if I can help you get justice?

If you believe you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries, give us a call or email us today. If I’m in court, one of my friendly staff will help you schedule a day and time for us to talk in person.

During our meeting, we’ll discuss the details of your case, and I’ll let you know about any other items I’d need to support your claim.

If I can’t help, I’ll be 100% honest and tell you that, too. But if I can… you could stand to get the compensation you deserve!

Don’t deny yourself the justice you deserve any longer – call or email to schedule your no-cost consultation now: