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The Mckeever Law Firm has been representing injury victims and families of wrongful death victims for over 30 years. We handle cases on behalf of injured children, individuals and families who have been wrongfully injured or lost a loved one. We help these people obtain compensation from the people and institutions who caused  the losses.  We do not and will not represent insurance companies, governmental organizations or large corporations.

Since 1984, we have helped thousands of injured people and their loved ones in their time of need. Although the McKeever Law Firm focuses primarily on wrongful death claims and significant personal injury cases, we also handle probate matters for families who hire our firm to pursue wrongful death claims.

As Trial Lawyers, we believe that helping people is one of the most important parts of our work.

An injury lawsuit helps clients directly by securing money to pay for health care and other costs of an accident, but also by cutting through the bureaucracy of insurers, hospitals and other large organizations to get you the help you need. It can even help the community by alerting others to the dangers that caused your accident, including the at-fault parties’ careless or illegal behavior and the lack of oversight or accountability that allowed those behaviors. In a few cases, you may even be able to make new laws or force policy changes that better protect the community.

No matter what form it takes, a successful resolution to your case is both our goal and our pleasure. There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to make a difference for the better in someone’s life.

Meeting with potential clients or talking with them on the telephone about their cases is never an inconvenience — it’s an important part of our job.

Every case is different, so it’s only after we have had a chance to discuss your case with you that we can give you the answers that fit your personal situation. And no website can build the same relationship or understanding that a face-to-face meeting can. That’s why we encourage you to contact us for more information or if you have questions, suggestions or concerns. If you’re not able to travel right now, we can bring this meeting to you, whether that means your home or a hospital bedside.

We work hard for our clients and do what it takes to get the job done. Our well-managed staff of professionals work together as a team to provide high-quality service. We understand the importance of paying attention to the details of a case that make the difference between winning and losing. We regularly get referrals from former clients because they know  every client and every case gets the attention they deserve. We remain strongly committed to achieving the best results possible for each client. The values and culture of our firm make us continually strive to improve and earn our reputation as a law firm with “a history of helping people and making a difference in their lives.”